March 2015
Systemiko Inc., launches its first Application on Apple's MacStore
August 2014
Systemiko Inc., launches its first ebook on Apple's BookStore
June 2014
Systemiko Inc., launches Facebook business page.
August 2013
Systemiko Inc., opens twitter account,
July 2013
Systemiko Inc., launches its first application on AppStore
July 2013
Systemiko Inc., becomes registered iOS and Mac OS developer.
March 2013
Systemiko Inc., is founded.


SYSTEMIKO INC. is a Tokyo based venture company founded in 2013.
As phones became smarter and online consumers have become more mobile friendly, Systemiko is looking to bring together mobile digital content expertise and international business shaping unique environment to deliver solutions for content distribution through major ecosystems.
Our team possesses extensive intellectual capital across the entire digital content distribution service spectrum what makes our solutions inventive, cost-effective and long-sighted.

Applications & Web

  • Developing and distribution mobile applications though major application stores word wide.
    • Apple's AppStore
    • Apple's MacStore
    • Google play
    • Amazon's application store
  • We help to define client requirements, write specifications, design, develop, test and integrate application software across multiple platforms.

Digital Publishing

  • Developing and distribution of traditional content for publishing into digital forms for new media for major platforms.
    • Apple's BookStore
    • Amazon BookStore
    • Google play books
    • Various third party bookstores.
  • We are helping creators to reach out to millions of potential customers by distributing their content on online bookstores.


  • Designing & producing smartphone accessories and peripherals to enhance user experience.
    • Smartphone cases
    • Smartphone chargers
    • Headphones
    • Touch pens
  • We help users to find easies and most suitable way to increase their involvement in the digital life.

Rights Manegement

  • Managing & representing creators of different genres including artists, designers, architects and inventors
    • Music
    • Industrial design
    • Movies
    • Fine art
  • We are helping to enforce ownership rigts for intelectual property in any form in a various fields to secure revenues.